Where we are heading ?

In order to make your life easier and more comfortable,
our team will carefully case-study your lifestyle and develop an individual project for you.
You do not need to waste valuable time buying interior items,
we will pick them out, deliver to your residence and install everything.
Our team consists of creative artists with many years of experience and technical education,
who have “out-of-the-box” thinking and views when it comes to the usual things.
Creating a design project before starting repairs or refurbishment works will allow you to save
a significant amount of money during the repair.

We believe everybody should
be able to own beautiful

Bespoke and personalise approach
Extensive service provision from design to complete project
implementation Range of finest suppliers, exclusively selected for
your project Project completion ON TIME.
We believe that our success is based around our professional and
dedicated experts, capable of finding the best solution to any problem.

Without compromising
quality in any way

Whether it is high-grade cashmere from New Zealand
or premium Italian leather, our approach allows the Ny Home Concept
team to source the finest materials available. Then,
those materials will be rigorously tested at two points within our
supply chain.
Each step within the process is highly organized.
We understand that the quality and durability of these products
is incorporated into their very design and our teams combine
decades of experience producing furniture with extensive knowledge
of furniture designs. This means return to technological innovations of
the past matched with the industrial processes of the future.

By people who love great design

Our team love great furniture. Part of that passion means making it available to everyone at affordable prices.
From creating complete interior design, picking the right furniture, design items, colors, shapes, designs, materials, fabrics,
each branch of the Ny Home Concept team is committed to producing the best experience of interior design.
but we all share a love of modern furniture and the desire to see it in stylish interiors.
Turning your house or apartment into your dream HOME.

Meet Bossy

Inspiring Leader

"... Oh, these creative people, they constantly need to be inspired, directed and motivated. And I'll tell you honestly - I cope with this task for all 100%. My love is enough for the whole world and a little more ... "

Meet Ulrich

Sales Manager

“…my greatest motivation of all is when we exceed customers’ expectations, which drives me to perform beyond my abilities. It’s satisfying, when QUALITY ORGANICALLY GENERATES QUANTITY…”

Meet Janis

Logistics Manager

“…prompt delivery from suppliers is an important link within the project time management. My responsibility is to deal with logistics so WE ARE NOT THE WEAKEST LINK…”

Meet Julija

Interior Designer

"…Interior – is a beautiful and well-functioning area, specifically designed for particular individual. Since most people spend nearly half of their life time at home, IT MUST BE A HOME OF THEIR DREAMS…"

Meet Felicia

Purchasing Manager

"... being part of a creative team allowed me to develop in myself such feelings as passion for interior items. Tracking new trends, understanding the quality of the product - this is all an integral part of the design ... "

Meet Thomas

Interior designer assistant

“…there is no rules when it comes to design. I enjoy experimenting with various materials and schemes…”