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Full flat renovation

Sq m :

110 m2

Project Services :

Full interior design project

Supplies of furniture, lamps.

Designer supervision

Classical luxury interior design for private customer, done in Riga, Latvia. We enjoy such challenges, and always look forward to them. Couple of works that we had to do throughout the process: replacing windows, heating system, replacing rotten beams on the floor, new layout, new power distribution network, new electrical equipment, a new binding of sanitary equipment, designing all wooden items such as kitchen, cabinets, including doors and skirting, projecting marble floors and art parquet, decorating ceilings with gypsum cornices, baguettes and mouldings, selecting appropriate color solutions for ceilings and walls, selecting all of the furniture, fabrics and lighting devices. Order, control and delivery to the client’s home. There was a lot of work, and by the photos, we did it perfectly.

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